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Site configuration groups

Groups are a way to organize and share content around a specific topic or common activity. As the portal administrator, you also use groups to configure your organization's featured content, galleries, and templates. This optional configuration of featured content, galleries, and templates allows you to customize what maps, applications, and templates are available to your portal users.

Set up groups to configure custom content for each of the following:

  • Featured Content—These are the maps and applications that appear on the portal website home page.

    Featured Content on the home page

  • The Gallery—The Gallery page in the website provides a set of maps and applications that members of your organization can use.
  • The Basemap Gallery—The basemaps you use in Map Viewer come from the Basemap Gallery.

    A custom basemap gallery

  • Web App Templates—These templates are used when you make a web application in Map Viewer. You can use configurable app templates or Web AppBuilder.

    Templates used for web apps

  • Featured Groups—You can help your portal users find targeted content by designating groups to showcase. Groups you add to the Featured Groups list will appear as links under Featured Groups on the Organization and Groups pages of the portal website.

    Links to Featured Groups

  • Gallery Applications—These are templates used when making a gallery application for a group.

    Templates used for gallery apps

Give your site configuration groups the status of organization or public. You cannot use private groups for site configuration.

For more information about creating a group, see Creating groups.