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Evaluation tools

Evaluation helps you understand the quality or performance of a plan by comparing it to the criteria modeled in suitability or assessment layers and key performance indicators. You can create suitability layers using GeoPlanner's modeler utility. You can create assessment layers using the analysis tools and the classify tool. Key performance indicators are gauges within the dashboard.

Evaluate tools

There are four evaluation tools: Side, Swipe, Consensus, and KPI Report. These tools are available from the Evaluate segment of the application toolbar.

Evaluate toolbar

Evaluate-specific tools contained in this toolbar are as follows:

  • 3D—View, extrude features, and model shadows in 3D so you can evaluate scenarios and visualize planning tradeoffs.
  • Side by Side—Display two scenarios next to each other so you can see spatial and quantitative differences.
  • Swipe—Allows you to reveal an map or image layer beneath your scenario. Useful for modeling what-if or before-after questions.
  • Consensus—Overlay multiple scenarios to identify areas of agreement and competition.
  • Report—Reports for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Charts, and natural assets in an area.
  • Dashboard—Enables you to open the dashboard while in 3D mode.

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