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Sites provide information about each dataset in two locations. Basic information is provided in the search results, and more detailed information is available on the item detail page.

From search results

From the search results list, each dataset contains a summary of information about the dataset including who shared the dataset, when it was last updated, the number of rows in the dataset, the license, and the first few lines of the dataset description.

From item details page

Click a dataset name to access the following detailed information about the data:

  • Overview—Click the Overview tab to see the dataset description and dataset attributes.
  • Favorite—When signed in, click favorite to create a bookmark for the filtered or the entire dataset.
  • Download—Download the data as a spreadsheet (CSV), KML, or shapefile (ZIP).
  • APIs—Using the API option, you can copy the GeoJSON or GeoService URLs to query the data.
  • About—Information about who created the data and when, any licensing information, the source of the data, additional metadata, and options to create a web map or a Story Map.
  • Found In—All the sites where the dataset can be accessed.
  • Related Data—Links to similar datasets.