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Share data and items

Share common operational layers and basemaps

Sharing common operational layers is done by adding the data to the project template web map. The operational data and basemap contained in a project template web map are automatically visible to all other project team members. When a user opens a project, a web map is automatically created for this user by the application, and this web map is stored in the user's My Content tab on the contents page in their organization. All layers included in the project template web map will be automatically added to this user web map.

The project owner can use this capability to define data that will be commonly used by project team members so that individual team members will have a common set of data to start with.

Share an analysis layer, web map, web scene, exported data, or document

Data items resulting from any of the application functions are automatically shared to the project group. These items can be discovered by all team members. Such items include the following:

  • Analysis layers resulting from any of the analysis processes
  • Exported items resulting from the Export function
  • Any data items uploaded using the Upload function
  • Web maps and web scenes resulting from the Export function