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My Stories

The My Stories page of the Story Map web app helps you build and manage your story maps.

Open My Stories

You can access My Stories from the Share dialog box within the app settings, from an item in the portal, or directly using the URL.

From the story map configuration

When you create a Story Map Journal, Story Map Series, Story Map Swipe and Spyglass, or Story Map Tour app from within the configurable app builder, you can click Manage all your stories on the Share dialog box to open My Stories.

Use the My Stories item

Search for My Stories in the portal and copy the URL from the item's page.

  1. Sign in to your portal.
  2. Search the portal for a file named My Stories. Filter the search results for Documents to narrow the results.
  3. Open the item's page and copy the URL.
  4. Open another tab in your browser and paste the URL into the new tab. You will be automatically signed in to My Stories using your portal login.

Bookmark the URL

You can type the URL for My Stories into a web browser and bookmark it. The URL for My Stories is in the format https://<webadaptorhost>.<domain>.com/<webadaptorname>/apps/MyStories, where <webadaptorhost>.<domain>.com is the fully qualified name of the machine where your portal's web adaptor (or load balancer) is running. For example, if your web adaptor is named portal and is running on the machine, the URL to My Stories would be Type this into your web browser and bookmark it for easy access.


The URL is case sensitive. Be sure you type MyStories.

Use My Stories

My Stories presents all the story maps you own. You can sort the list or filter the list based on type of story map or sharing level. You can also search for specific story maps.

When you click the name or thumbnail of a story map, My Stories shows the options available for that story map, such as the option to change the sharing level, to preview the story map, or to edit the story map or its contents. The validity of the story map's layers and maps is also tested when you choose the story map from the list.

My Stories also allows you to verify the validity of all your story maps at once. To do so, click Check Stories. Messages are returned for any of your story maps that contain broken layer or map connections.

You can also create story maps from My Stories. When you click Create Stories, the Create a New Story interface guides you through creating the right story map for the story you want to tell.