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Explore data

The dataset table provides access to the spreadsheet portion of a dataset: the features (rows) and their attributes (columns). There are several functions you can use in the dataset table to explore and filter the data.

To get to the dataset table, follow these steps:

  1. Click a dataset from the search results.
  2. Click the Data tab.

Sort the dataset table

Each column or attribute can be sorted by clicking the column head. Text is sorted alphabetically, and numbers are sorted by value. Click once, and the column is sorted from A–Z or 1–10. Click again, and it's sorted from Z–A or 10–1.

Highlight a feature in the preview map

Each row in the dataset table represents a feature on the map. Hover over any row, and that feature is highlighted in the preview map at the top of the page.

Filter data

Using the dataset table, you can filter data to show only the desired features. You can then download the filtered dataset. You can filter by location on the map or by attribute.

Filter by attribute

  1. From the dataset profile, click the Data tab.
  2. Click the column head for the attribute you want to use to filter the dataset.
  3. Filter the data.

    Depending on the column field type and size of the dataset, you have the option to filter using a sliding histogram, a slider, inputs for from and to, check boxes for unique values, or date pickers.

    As you filter, the preview map reflects the changes.

  4. Multiple filters can be added by clicking another column header and typing your next query.
  5. To remove a filter, click the x icon in the right of the text box.

Date fields in datasets where useStandardizedQueries is set to false are not filterable.

Download filtered datasets

Once the dataset is filtered, you can download a version of the data with only the attributes from the filter. You do this by clicking the Download Data tab in the blue bar above the table and choosing one of the options under Filtered dataset.

View in Map Viewer

To perform more complex analysis and visualization, you can open a dataset in Map Viewer.

  1. From the dataset profile, click Create a web map located under the map panel.
  2. The dataset will open in Map Viewer in a new tab.

Favorite Datasets

Mark individual datasets as favorite to keep them for later. You must be signed in with an ArcGIS account to perform this action.

  1. On a dataset page, click Favorite.
  2. If you have filtered the dataset, you will have the option to select Original or Filtered.
  3. The side panel will open. Edit the title and description as preferred.
  4. Click Save or Cancel.
  5. To view your favorites, click My Data and then the star icon.