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Add data

GeoPlanner's Add Data tool allows you to discover data and add it to your map. All such data is either published or added as an item on ArcGIS Online or your portal. Data items resulting from analysis tools and data items uploaded or exported using this application are automatically added to your content in your organization.

  1. Click Explore on the application toolbar.
  2. Click Add Data.
  3. Click My Content, My Project, My Organization, Curated or All to filter your search. Curated lists datasets hosted in the Living Atlas.

    The Curated option is not available when using GeoPlanner with ArcGIS Enterprise.

  4. Check Maps, Features, Imagery, Analysis, or Weighted Overlay Models to further restrict data items. Multiple categories can be checked at the same time.
  5. Type a keyword in the Search text box and click the Search button, or press Enter.
  6. Click Relevance, Title, Owner, Rating, Views, or Date to sort the data items.
  7. Scroll down to find the data you are interested in and click Add next to the item. The data item is added to your map and appears in the Layers tab of Contents.