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Discover data in sites

You can find data within a site by typing text into a search box, clicking on a category icon set up to search a specific tag or group, or by searching the map. These methods allow you to refine your results to help find the exact data you are looking for.

Search by keywords

Use the search box to find data by keywords, or leave it blank to view all available datasets.

  1. Click Search at the upper right of the home page to open the search box.
  2. Type your keyword or words and click Enter or the magnifier icon in the search box to see a list of results in the lower portion of the page.

Sort results list

A way to refine the search results is to use the sort by option above the results list. This option allows you to sort by relevance, name, most recent datasets.

Filter by facets

The left hand side of the search results page shows a list of facets to filter the data: tags, source, and content type. Select options from each of these facets to filter the data down to your desired selection.

Find related data

Once you've done an initial search and found a dataset you like, you can find similar datasets. There are two ways to do this: through related data or with tags.

  • Related data—The Related data section of the profile page lists similar datasets. Click one of the names to access the related data.
  • Tags—Click a tag in the profile page to perform a new search based on that tag.

Find connected content

Some datasets might have a connected content section next to the related datasets. The content featured here are web maps that use the datasets. Clicking on these items will open the web map in a new tab and can offer new ways to explore the dataset.