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Configure your site

The first step to starting a new site is to configure it using the Site Configuration tab, where you specify a name, provide a description, and create the URL for your site.


The site remains private until you share your site.

  1. Browse to the administrative application.
  2. On the Sites tab, choose Create New Site.

    The Site Builder opens to the Site Configuration tab.

  3. Provide a name for the site. The name appears on the browser tab. There is a maximum 70-character limit.
  4. Optionally provide a browser icon.
  5. Provide a site URL. The name you provide appears at the end of your organization's standard site URL, for example, https://webadaptorhost/webadaptorname/apps/sites/#/mysitename. There is a maximum 64-character limit. By default, the site will be named data.
  6. Set a fixed map extent.
  7. Click Save.

Use a custom basemap

You can configure your site to use a custom basemap from your organization's Map Viewer basemap gallery. Your organization can also configure Map Viewer. All custom basemaps must have HTTPS connections enabled on the service.

  1. Sign in to the Sites administrative application.
  2. Click the Sites tab.
  3. Choose Create a site or choose Settings on an existing site to set a new basemap.
  4. Scroll below the map and choose the Custom Basemap option.
  5. Choose a basemap from your basemap gallery.


Basemaps that use a projection other than Web Mercator do not support location search within the map.


Vector tile basemaps are not supported at this time.

HTTPS support

The enterprise portal setting of determines the HTTP or HTTPS URL behavior for your site.