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Uninstall ArcGIS Data Store

You would uninstall ArcGIS Data Store for any of the following reasons:

  • You've moved your relational or tile cache data store to another machine and no longer need ArcGIS Data Store installed on the old one.
  • You decide you do not want a standby machine or one of the machines in your spatiotemporal big data store machines, so you remove the data store machine and uninstall ArcGIS Data Store.
  • You no longer want to use ArcGIS Data Store.

Uninstalling ArcGIS Data Store also unregisters the data store from your GIS Server site. Hosted feature layers that used the data in the data store and caches used by any scene layers you published to your portal will no longer function once you uninstall the software. However, the data still exists because the data store directory remains on the server after you uninstall ArcGIS Data Store. If you later decide you need the feature layers, you can reinstall ArcGIS Data Store and register the data store with the same GIS Server site.


Before uninstalling ArcGIS Data Store, shut down all nonessential applications.

Use one of the following methods to uninstall ArcGIS Data Store:

Uninstall from Windows Programs and Features

You can uninstall ArcGIS Data Store from Windows Programs and Features.

  1. Log in to the data store server as a Windows Administrator.
  2. Open Programs and Features from the Windows Control Panel.
  3. Right-click ArcGIS <release> Data Store in the list of programs and click Uninstall/Change.

    The ArcGIS Data Store Setup wizard opens.

  4. Choose Remove and click Next.
  5. Click Remove to confirm that you want to uninstall ArcGIS Data Store.

Uninstall silently

To uninstall ArcGIS Datastore 10.7 silently:

msiexec /x {2B19AB45-1A17-45CD-8001-0608E8D72447} /qb

The GUID indicates you are uninstalling a specific version of ArcGIS Data Store, so copy the GUID exactly when running this command.