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Specify portal log settings

When working with portal logs, you may need to change some of the log settings to help you more effectively capture events. For example, you may need to change the log level from the default of Warning to Info to capture events related to users signing in and signing out of the portal. You may also want to reduce the number of days logs are kept on disk (to save disk space) or change the location where the portal stores its logs.

Specify the following settings using the ArcGIS Portal Directory. Any changes you make are immediately reflected in the portal.

  1. Open ArcGIS Portal Directory and log in as an Administrator. The URL is typically available at
  2. Click Logs > Settings > Edit.
  3. Use the options on the Edit Log Settings page to adjust log settings.

Specify the log level

Events can vary in their level of detail from Severe, which indicates a problem that requires immediate attention, to Verbose, which is a detailed, informative message generated through regular use of the portal.

The following are the log level types:

LevelDescriptionSample message


Serious problems that require immediate attention. This level only includes severe messages.

The 'System/GPServer/PublishingTools' service is stopped or ArcGIS Server is not started. Verify these components are started and try again.


Moderate problems that require attention. This level also includes severe messages.

Organization updated: HTTP access disabled. The portal can only be accessed through HTTPS.


Common administrative messages of the portal, including messages about organization settings being updated. This level also includes severe and warning messages.

User 'asmith' signed in to the portal.


Common messages from use of the portal, like names of operations and requests received. This level includes severe, warning, and info messages.

Account settings updated.


Messages providing more detail about how the portal fulfills operations and requests. This level includes severe, warning, info, and fine messages.

Setting log level to VERBOSE before creating new site.


Highly verbose messages designed for developers and support technicians who want to obtain a better understanding of the portal's state when troubleshooting. Don't use this level in a production environment; it may cause a decrease in performance. If you're not troubleshooting an issue, use the Warning level instead.

Failed to update index for item '44b37137e1f64de2bec832ab82043b86'.


Logging is turned off. Events are not logged with the portal.


Specify the number of days to keep logs on disk

By default, logs are retained on disk for a period of approximately 90 days. When a log exceeds this time frame, it is deleted. Specifying a smaller time frame, for example, 30 days, can prevent the log directory from growing larger than expected.

Specify the log location

The default directory where the portal writes its logs is C:\arcgisportal\logs. The log path must be set to a local directory on the portal machine. When specifying the logs directory, try to keep the location at the root level of your portal. You shouldn't designate a network directory as the log location.


The logs directory is not related to the portal's content directory. If you modify the location of the content directory, the logs remain in the default directory (as noted above) or in a directory you specify.