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Set up Sites in Enterprise Portal

The Sites application allows you to create and manage sites and pages. A site (or website) is a default home page for finding data. In addition to creating sites, you can create pages (or web pages) that connect to a site and offer focused content, typically for a specific subject. Within a site, you can have multiple pages. Pages can also be shared across multiple sites, so you do not need to start from scratch when the same content is relevant to multiple audiences.

Before you can get started creating sites and pages with Sites, your portal administrator will need to configure the Sites administration app with your portal. Once the administrator has configured the Sites administration app with your portal, you will be able to leverage ArcGIS Enterprise Sites across your organization.

As an administrator of your organization, you must first initialize the Sites application for it to be accessible. Follow these steps to set up Sites for the first time:

  1. As a member assigned the administrator role, sign in to your portal.
  2. Click the Apps button Apps in the header of your portal, then click on the Sites application to access the Sites administration app; you will be automatically signed in.

    The Sites administration app can be accessed directly through the URL You will have to sign in when accessing Sites through the URL.

  3. By accessing the Sites administration app, you initialize Sites in your organization. This creates two items owned by your user:
    • A group with update capabilities named Sites Administration Group, and
    • An application item for the Sites administration app that is shared to the Sites Administration Group
  4. The application for the Sites administration app is automatically added to the Apps button. This allows the Sites application to display for members of the Sites Team who are not assigned the default administrator role.

    Members assigned the administrator role will have two Sites applications display within their Apps button. Members can hide the duplicate application by dragging apps to the secondary Show More area of their Apps. To permanently remove the duplicate application, remove the ArcGIS Enterprise Sites property in the portal configuration file.

Once Sites is initialized by the administrator, as a member of the Sites Team, you can access the Sites administration app.

  1. As a member of the Sites Team, click the Apps button Apps in the header of your portal.
  2. Click on the Sites app.

    If the Sites app is not available to you, you can access the Sites administration app using the URL If you believe you should have access to the Sites administration app and are not able to sign in, contact your portal administrator.