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Ports used by ArcGIS Data Store

You may need to open the following ports in your firewall to allow ArcGIS Data Store machines to communicate with each other and with other parts of ArcGIS Enterprise:

  • 2443: The machines participating in an ArcGIS Data Store deployment communicate with one another through this port. The ArcGIS Data Store Configuration Wizard and hosting server also communicate with ArcGIS Data Store through this port.
  • 9876: Relational data stores communicate with the hosting server through this port.
  • 29080 (HTTP) and 29081 (HTTPS): Tile cache data stores communicate through these ports.
  • 9220 (HTTP) and 9320 (TCP): Spatiotemporal big data stores communicate through these ports.

ArcGIS Data Store also uses port 9006 to internally communicate with a web server and port 29079 to communicate internally with the tile cache data store. You don't need to open these ports in the firewall, but they do need to be free on the machine where you install ArcGIS Data Store.