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Ortho Maker frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Ortho Maker app.

  • What is the licensing model for Ortho Maker?
    • Ortho Maker is a platform capability provided by ArcGIS Enterprise in an ArcGIS Image Server role.

    Below is a matrix showing user type roles that are supported (in green) and not supported (in red) by Ortho Maker. Note that Ortho Maker is enabled by privileges and is not licensed.

    Licensing user types and roles for enabling Ortho Maker

  • Are public accounts supported?
    • The first release of Ortho Maker is available only with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1. Public accounts are not supported at this time.
  • Can I use Ortho Maker in ArcGIS Online?
    • Ortho Maker is a built-in platform capability for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 and requires ArcGIS Image Server as the raster analysis server. The team is working on a future release to be made accessible through ArcGIS Online.
  • Is the Ortho Maker app able to process satellite imagery, professional digital camera images, or scanned aerial photos?
    • Ortho Maker only supports drone imagery as input data. Processing of satellite imagery, professional digital camera images, and scanned aerial photography is planned for future releases.
  • Can Ortho Maker process drone imagery that is already in my cloud storage?
    • This is not yet supported but will be supported in future releases.
  • What does it mean to define custom products in Ortho Maker?
    • Custom products are supported in Ortho Maker, allowing you to define and create products tailored to your requirements using raster function templates. Additionally, Ortho Maker provides a guided user experience for users to construct a Custom Band Index Product.
  • Can I use a project template to streamline my workflow?
    • Yes. Ortho Maker allows you to export processing settings and product definitions from an existing project as a project template item, and then import into a new or existing project to reuse these processing settings and product definitions.
  • How can I share products with my users?
    • Products created in Ortho Maker become imagery layer items accessible in your ArcGIS Enterprise portal. They are readily available to be shared to groups of users in your organization.
  • How can I automate the Ortho Maker workflow and integrate with my existing production environment?
    • To automate your workflow and allow more customization and integration as needed by your organization, you can use the ArcGIS API for Python to control the Ortho Maker process. This API allows users to create a fully automated workflow.
  • How can I provide feedback?
    • The Ortho Maker team would greatly appreciate hearing from you. If you have feedback or inquiries, send an email to You can also provide feedback within the GeoNet Ortho Maker community page. If you're experiencing other issues, contact Esri Technical Support.