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Configure default elevation service

You can publish an image that uses Limited Error Raster Compression (LERC) to your GIS server to create an image service. If your GIS server is federated with the ArcGIS Enterprise portal or if you add the service as an item to the portal, the portal administrator can configure the portal to use that image service as the default elevation service in Scene Viewer.

Publish an image service

Publish an image service from ArcMap that contains the elevation data for the area you want to set for your portal's default elevation service. See Publish an elevation image service in the ArcGIS Server help for instructions.

Add the service to portal

If you did not publish to a federated GIS server, add the image service to your portal and share it with the portal or with everyone.

Configure portal to use a new default elevation service

Once your image service exists and is an item in your portal, set it as your portal's default elevation service in the Portal for ArcGIS REST endpoint.

  1. Log in to the portal's sharing site as the portal administrator. The REST endpoint URL is in the format
  2. Go to Portals > Self.
  3. Click Update at the bottom of the page.
  4. Type the following in the Elevation3D Service field, replacing the URL value with the image service's REST endpoint.

    "url": "",
    "id": "globalElevation",
    "layerType": "ArcGISTiledElevationServiceLayer"

  5. Click Update Organization.