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Changing the portal content directory

When you install Portal for ArcGIS, a directory is created to store content saved and uploaded by users of the portal. This is known as the portal content directory. The default location is C:\arcgisportal\content.

You can change the location of the portal content directory using the ArcGIS Portal Directory. For example, you may decide to put it on another machine that has more disk space or a more rigorous backup environment. It is recommended that you make this change before exposing the portal to end users.


Other directories, such as index, db, and temp, are included under C:\arcgisportal\. These directories can also be modified, but must remain local to the portal machine. Portal for ArcGIS does not support these directories being placed on a network share.

Follow the steps below to change the location of the portal content directory.

  1. Log in to the machine as the account that was used to install Portal for ArcGIS.
  2. Make a copy of the portal content directory in your new desired location.
  3. Grant the Portal for ArcGIS account read and write file permissions to the folder.
  4. If the folder will be accessed through a shared network path, share the folder and grant the Portal for ArcGIS account read and write permissions to the directory.
  5. Sign in to the ArcGIS Portal Directory as a member of the default administrator role in your portal. The URL is in the format
  6. Edit the directory location by clicking System > Directories > content > Edit Directory.
  7. Enter the following JSON in the Path text box, editing as appropriate for your chosen location: { "type": "fileStore", "provider": "FileSystem","connectionString": "C:/arcgisportal/content"}.
    1. When entering a shared network location, the connection string syntax is formatted in this way (using forward slashes in the path): "connectionString":"//<machinename>/arcgisportal/content"


    When certain properties exist, the connection string is encrypted. For example, when content resides in a Microsoft Azure Blob storage container or when using public and private keys for content in an Amazon S3 bucket. In such cases, the JSON string will be represented in this way:

    { "type": "fileStore", "provider": "FileSystem","connectionString": "SaVoKmdzPvZHRjdbBF56M46656YV3OeQAlTCrlHSOIk.","isConnectionStringEncrypted":true}
  8. Click Edit Directory to apply your changes.
  9. Click System > Directories > content and verify that the new file path is being used.

Your portal will now read from and write to the new content directory. Optionally, you can delete the old content directory or rename it, for example, from C:\arcgisportal\content to C:\arcgisportal\content_old.