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About collaboration workspace access modes

When organization administrators have created a collaboration between two or more portals, collaboration members can share content with participants using groups that are associated with a collaboration workspace.

Groups in a collaboration are marked with a Collaboration label and the name of the collaboration on the Overview tab of the group page. Depending on the access mode defined by the collaboration host (the organization that created the collaboration), guests use a group to either send content to the host, receive content from the host, or both send content to and receive content from the host. Sharing rules defined when the collaboration was established determine when shared content is synchronized between participants. The access mode and sync settings are displayed on the group page under the Collaboration label.

In a collaboration, content is shared according to the sharing settings of the organization where the data originated. For example, if an ArcGIS Server service item is shared to the organization where it originated, as well as to a group associated with a collaboration workspace, members of other participating portals are still prompted for credentials when adding the service to a map.

Send content

You can send content from your organization to a participant if the collaboration host defined the access mode for the collaboration workspace as either Send or Send and Receive. To send content, share the items with the group that is associated with the collaboration workspace. The content will be sent to the host based on the sync settings determined by your administrator.


Once content has been shared to the collaboration, participants can share the content again inside or outside their organization, including in any other collaborations in which they participate. Participants can also build on the shared items to create their own information products. However, once content has been shared, it cannot be reshared back to its source.

If you remove items from a group associated with a collaboration workspace, the items are removed from the recipient's groups at the next sync.

In collaborations where ArcGIS Online is the host, sync settings will default to At scheduled intervals. The ArcGIS Enterprise participant controls the schedule at which group item content and feature layer edits are synchronized; the host does not control the sync schedule.

Receive content

You can receive content from a participating portal if the collaboration host defined the access mode for the collaboration workspace as either Receive or Send and Receive. When another portal participating in the collaboration shares content, your portal will receive a copy of the content in the group associated with the collaboration workspace. Content will refresh and appear in the group according to the schedule set by the collaboration's host.

Items received from other organizations will display the Collaborated Content badge. This badge will not be visible on items in the portal from which they originate.

If you share content to a group in your portal and your access mode in the collaboration is Receive, the content will remain in the group but will not be shared to collaboration participants in other portals.