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Available input connectors

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server is capable of receiving event data from virtually any source by using an input connector. An input connector must know how the data is being received, as well as how the data is formatted. These tasks are handled by adapters and transports, which are technical implementations beneath each and every connector.

See Extending GeoEvent Server to learn more about adapters and transports.

Input connectors

GeoEvent Server includes the following input connectors:

Input connectors available on the ArcGIS GeoEvent Server Gallery include the following:


Receive Feature JSON from ActiveMQ

Receive JSON from ActiveMQ

Receive Text from ActiveMQ

Azure IoT Hub

Receive JSON from Azure IoT Hub

Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)

Receive CAP XML Messages

Cursor on Target (CoT)

Receive CoT XML Messages


Receive FlightAware


Receive GeoMessages


Receive Geotab

GTFS Realtime

Receive GTFS Realtime Feed


Receive Media Feed from Instagram


Receive Kafka messages

NMEA 0183

Receive NMEA on a UDP Socket


Receive text from RabbitMQ

Sierra Wireless RAP

Receive Sierra Wireless using RAP

Trimble TAIP

Receive Trimble using TAIP


Receive tweets from Twitter

Verizon Connect - Networkfleet

Receive Networkfleet

Verizon Connect - Telogis

Receive Telogis


Receive Waze Connected Citizen Program Feed

Esri Partner-contributed input connectors available on the ArcGIS GeoEvent Partner Gallery include the following:


Receive CompassLDE

exactEarth AIS

Receive AIS


Receive Valarm

Looking for a different connector?

If the connectors available do not provide the flexibility you need, you can customize the connectors using the GeoEvent Manager to develop your own connectors using the GeoEvent Server Software Development Kit (SDK).

See Extending GeoEvent Server to learn more about customizing connectors or developing your own connectors.

Do you have ideas for new input connectors? Post your ideas on the Real-Time GIS space on GeoNet.