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Field Enricher (File) Processor

The Field Enricher (File) Processor can be used to enrich GeoEvents with attribute data contained in a system file rather than from a published feature service. GeoEvent enrichment from a system file requires the system folder containing the file be registered with GeoEvent Server as a data store. Once a registered system folder is specified, the processor can retrieve the enrichment data from a named file.


When using a text file as the source for enrichment, the file must follow the format illustrated below. Specifically, the first line of the file must identify the field names as comma-separated values. The second line must specify the data type of each field. The file’s data values are entered starting with the third line of the file.

Adam Mollenkopf,111-111-1111,4,TRUE
Ryan Elliott,222-222-2222,7,TRUE
Javier Delgadillo,333-333-3333,12,TRUE
Vlad Plechnoy,444-444-4444,10,TRUE

GeoEvent enrichment relies on what database professionals refer to as a table join. You can specify a field name from the feature service's table and the name of the GeoEvent field on which a join can be performed. While the actual field name from the feature service's table must be provided, the GeoEvent field on which the join will be performed can be specified using either the name of the GeoEvent field or a tag applied to a field in the GeoEvent Definition associated with the event being processed.

A comma-separated list of the fields to be included in the enrichment can be constructed using the processor's properties dialog box by selecting fields or typed manually using the keyboard. You can optionally specify the tags GeoEvent Server should apply to each new field it creates as a second list of comma-separated values.

GeoEvent enrichment alters the GeoEvent's schema, which requires GeoEvent Server to create a new GeoEvent Definition. The new GeoEvent Definition will be managed by GeoEvent Server and deleted if changes are made to the processor or the GeoEvent Service in which the processor participates.

For more information on the Field Enricher (File) Processor, see the Introduction to GeoEvent Server tutorial available from GeoEvent Server tutorials.