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Envelope Creator Processor

The Envelope Creator Processor can be used to produce a simple rectangular envelope enclosing a GeoEvent's geometry.

Envelope Creator Processor example output

Contrast this with a Convex Hull Creator Processor, which produces a polygon representing the smallest area enclosing a GeoEvent's geometry—a convex hull is not always rectangular, whereas an envelope is always rectangular.

  • Given a point, this processor will produce an equivalent point.
  • Given a multipoint or line with two or more vertices with varying latitude, this processor will produce an envelope. A valid envelope cannot be produced if all of a geometry's vertices share the same latitude.

The Envelope Creator Processor requires the GeoEvent field containing the geometry be specified. The field name or a tag applied to a field in a GeoEvent Definition can be used to identify the geometry field.

The Envelope Creator Processor can be configured to either replace the GeoEvent's geometry with the created envelope or place the envelope into a new geometry field. Altering the GeoEvent's schema by adding a new field requires GeoEvent Server to create a new GeoEvent Definition. The new GeoEvent Definition will be managed by GeoEvent Server and deleted if changes are made to the processor or the GeoEvent Service in which the processor participates.

For more information on the Envelope Creator Processor, see the Introduction to GeoEvent Server tutorial available from GeoEvent Server tutorials.