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Add XYZ Values Processor

The Add XYZ Values Processor can be used to obtain the X, Y, and Z coordinates from a GeoEvent's point geometry. The coordinate values are appended as unique fields within a new GeoEvent Definition.


The Add XYZ Values Processor does not obtain the array of coordinate values for other geometry types such as multipoint, envelope, polyline, and polygon.

GeoEvents sent to the Add XYZ Values Processor must have a definition containing a point geometry. The geometry value is used to derive the X, Y, and Z coordinate values for each GeoEvent. If the incoming GeoEvent geometry does not have a Z value, 0.0 is added to the Z-field by default. You can specify either the GeoEvent's geometry field name or a tag applied to a field within a GeoEvent Definition that identifies the geometry field.

When incorporating a Add XYZ Values Processor, you must specify a new GeoEvent Definition and fields to store your X, Y, and Z values. By default, each coordinate field is configured with the value of "x", "y", and "z" respectively, however these can be modified to satisfy an intended outbound GeoEvent schema.